(artwork: a special gift from my talented Chi)

Katiiness.net is a personal portfolio of the things i love and a reflection of my life and who I am.

This domain has gone through many phases - graphics resource, personal blog, a simple artfolio, but nothing of solid substance that can allow it to sustain. Instead of focusing on one thing, katiiness.net is now houses a myriad of things. Things that I love to reflect back on, things that I love to create, things that move me, motivate me, and remind me to be a better person.

Webmistress: Caitlin (Katii)
A dreamer, an amateur artist, a pharmacist. Often times crazy, most of the time foolish. Loves the color green, and loves Gatsby even more for giving it a specific and personal meaning. Loves tulips, indian cress, and marigolds.

Will always find time to reread The Great Gatsby, Brave New World, and The Giver trilogy.