Mother’s Day

for the first time in weeks… amidst all the yelling and screaming and misunderstanding … today we spent 3 hours as a family putting together a $200 dollar gazebo in the backyard… how pleasant… right?

Then i attempted at making thai lettuce wrap (turned out very well) … and vinaigrette (?) korean beef salad. yummy yummy in our stummy.

although… at this point i might fail my bio final. But my mom is happy. In fact, both my parents are happy. and… we’re actually all sitting here IN PEACE all together in the living room tonight. My parents are watching the usual Chinese dubbed shows on SBTN and my brother is grading papers … and as for me? … well, i believe i shall try to study a bit …

I know it’s not a BIG celebration or w/e for mother’s day… but for my family… this is actually a very big effort.

May this be the start of… a new beginning.

(i’m hopeful, despite past experiences)

Have a happy mother’s day … everyone. do something nice for your mother and grandmother. If you’re far away… a phone-call just to say hi even will make a difference 🙂

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