The Things I Carry With Me As I Grow

The factors: my parents sacrifice, love, and courage.

The lesson: never let your condition limit your hope and aspirations.

I outgrew my childhood years rarely seeing my father. He was working day and night, in the lowest position, throwing away the strong pride he instilled in his children, just so they can live a better life than his own. He sacrifice the loving role of a father every little girl has just so his daughter can have what other children have. Until I entered high school, my father never succeeded in giving me what other girls have, a father… but it never affected my love for him. I know sometimes he thinks I thought he was a bad father when I was little, but I do not. He does not realize that his sacrifice has taught his daughter to love him as selflessly as he loves her. He may have constantly fallen down at many an attempt to improve our financial condition, but he never failed to show me endurance. With every new step, he carried with him the scars of failure, and used it as a lesson to empower his knowledge. My mother was no different. She fought and lived with the same resistance and strength. I remember crying to myself over the fact that she made all these pretty things for people, things she would never ever have. From my parents I realized that experiences are a vital part of victory. Failure is not always final, but it is an experience, one that I can utilize to eventually obtain victory and success. My father’s rigid determination reminds me of something I learned back in elementary school. We all know Thomas Edison as the great inventor of the light bulb. When he was asked how does it feel to have failed 10,000 times, he answered, “I didn’t fail, I found 10,000 ways how NOT to make a light bulb.” By the same token, I believe my success in life is strongly dependent on how I approach failure. Sometimes people wonder how I can accept some things so easily and get worked up over such silly matters.

When you see my at my best… those traits i’ve attained from countless people who have made their presence meaningful in my life, my parents are only an example of 2.

When you see me at my worst, it is because i’ve forgotten how to keep faith because they’ve etched their mark, but most of them are no longer in my life.

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